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How, where, and when to start becoming a singer

Can you sing? If so, then you definitely dream about being a successful performer.

However, a career in the music industry involves much more than deciding to sing. You must have talent (of course), perfectly time your entry into the industry, and work hard.

Start at a young age

An early start helps nurture and develop singing talent. As early as possible, you should:

  • Join choirs in schools, churches, and community centers
  • Go to choral camps during school breaks
  • Sign up for private lessons with music coaches
  • Study your favorite artist to learn the strategies that make them successful

As you do all this, ask the music instructors and coaches for an honest opinion about your singing. You want to be sure you have the singing talent before you even think of going pro.

Evaluate yourself and your talent

The music industry is highly competitive. To thrive in it, you require a certain level of talent and dedication. Remember, singing is enjoyable whether or not you make a career out of it.

Talent is the essential requirement. However, you need other virtues, such as:

  • Self-drive: you can focus on that one goal of becoming successful without paying much attention to people and things trying to talk you down.
  • Discipline: you have to commit to long hours of training and practice.
  • Patience: Success, in the music industry, does not come quickly.
  • People skills: you will have to interact with coaches, producers, and even music fans. You need to know how to remain calm when some of these people rudely talk to you.

Be honest with yourself about your abilities, particularly your level of talent. Overestimating your strengths is a recipe for disappointments.

Identify the path you want to take

There are several career paths in singing:

  • Singer and songwriter
  • Recording artist
  • Musical theatre artist
  • Band member
  • Soloist
  • Indy (folk) singer

Your career might take several of these paths in the initial stages. But, eventually, you will land on one. So, identify which one you want to become early enough so that you can forge your career in that direction. 

Hire a coach

A coach will help you perfect your singing skill. But, you need to find a coach that is not only good at enhancing vocals but also at budding young talent into a successful career.

Look for a coach who with a good reputation as a singer and trainer. More importantly, choose a coach who will help you set achievable goals and expectations.

Get some formal education in music

Formal training in music will develop your singing and performance skills and provide you with practical knowledge on how to turn singing into a career.

There course in several aspects of music such as:

  • Instruments
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Recording
  • Production

Grab any opportunity that comes your way

You will not make a career singing to yourself in the bathroom. You have to grab even small opportunities to perform in venues and events such as:

  • Karaoke bars
  • Talent shows
  • Open mics
  • Music festivals

Promote your singing

Showcase your talent through the internet, mainly social media. The more you expose your talent, the better the chances of becoming successful.

Another good way to promote your talent is through a professional talent agent. An agent will connect you with paid singing gigs and introduce you to their network of producers and other professionals.

Final thoughts

As a person with a passion for music, you watch a lot of musical talent shows such as American Idol and The Voice. So, you know there many undiscovered talented singers. The point is, while yours might be a story of success, you should manage your expectations. They say hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  

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